About Bruton Cycling Club
Welcome to Bruton Cycling Club.

An on-going celebration of the bicycle as a medium for sport, recreation, health and joy.

Non denominational and wholly inclusive.

"For the people,for the road"

  1. Our Club Badge
  2. The long and winding road!
  3. The Club at a regular stop.
  4. The reward!
  5. What better way to enjoy a cuppa.
  6. Coffee Stop
  7. Kit for all shape and sizes.
  8. Getting ready for the Saturday Ride
  9. Presidential Ride to Yeovilton
  10. The Motley Crew
  11. Waiting for Steve
  12. Still waiting for Steve
  13. Still, still waiting for Steve
  14. Imber Ride
  15. Bean Shot Sherborne
  16. Burnham on Sea
  17. Cafe Stop
Meet The Team
We operate a relaxed structure for our club, but we all need a little organisation in our lives!
Here is the rogues gallery of our committee.
  1. Executive Director
    Matthew Baker
  2. Executive Director
    Al Naylor
  3. Executive Director
    Paul Croom
    Club Leader / Co -Founder