The proper stuff:

Attendance register. LL, TW, CT, GA, KL, DC, RM, SB, AF, JM, ET, JP, CP, SE

Apologies – Dave B, Simon C, Peter T, Liam T

Financial update

Expenses to date = £833.43

Sportive costs (SE and EKL still out of pocket £140 each)

Website £144/year, Domain name/hosting paid up for 2yrs

British Cycling membership for club paid by PC last year, will be around £74 

Income to date = £882

Includes Subs and buff/cap sales

Subs for 2020

Agreed increase to £20 for all 18-60yr olds, £12.50 >60 and <18, but only membership for under 18yrs if parent is club member and on the ride along with their <18yr old.

Keep at 2 rides with club before subs due

Kit orders

Thanks to Trims for organization. All thanked Trims for his effort with this.When to next open “the Shop” Mid-January was decided upon so that there was time to get the kit before the main summer season.

Membership and Rides


Expanded over 2019 but some members left or rarely ride, any suggestions how to get past members back if appropriate. Suggestion to overtly mention, on the web page, an invitation to people who might be just be visiting the area on holiday. 

Do we want to appeal to more riders, do we want to grow or are we the right size now? The general thought was that we are an aspirational club (as mentioned on the webpage) We cannot appeal to everyone and we need to attract like minded people. We must be careful about changing how we come across if it perhaps gives a false impression of what we are.

As always there was a great deal of discussion about this point and linked in with the Saturday rides. John noted the increased speed of the rides and this was something to be aware of with any new riders. Trims commented that most people were very sensible about this and we shouldn’t beat ourselves up about it.


Sundays       No change was felt necessary. Whatsapp well used to assess participation and hence likely speed. Faster and longer was felt to work well and help people train for upcoming events.

Saturdays    Need more volunteers to help run rides to assist Liz.

Keep to 30/35 miles unless well-advertised to avoid putting people off.

Make sure distances are accurate as people often have time constraints and being late puts people of returning.

Be sensible about speed. With known riders this is not an issue but with any new riders we should make sure they are in mid group to help them feel involved and not feel guilty about ‘holding everyone back’ It was felt we do this reasonably well but can still improve.

First Saturday of the month could be earmarked as a specific new riders outing. If any show then point above applies, otherwise a normal Sat ride.

Group Zwifting – an idea for winter training

Review of 2019, ideas for 2020

Review of the year

312, Chase the Sun, Alps trip, Various Sportives/Garmin Ride out

BCC Sportive          Thanks to Steve for his organization of the event and Liz and Steve for bankrolling it this year. Other comments below


§ Really enjoyed by many. 2 teams worked well and helped many raise their personal levels. 

§ Start again late May with inaugural ride out.

New members      ‘you’re local and you’re ok’a ringing endorsement from Jess. Welcomed new members who have added to the spirit of the club. Feeling was that we were doing many things right.


German Eifel, Chase the Sun, Tour de Flanders, other events. Many other events mentioned; Mendip Madness, Trip to Wales, Jurassic Beast, Isle of Wight Randonee, Merry Monk, Tour of Wessex, Dartmoor Classic. All of these have been ridden by various members so do ask if you want to know what they are like. Austin has since posted many on whatsapp. 

Trips – Alps, Eifel, Flanders – confirm dates and attendance. Show of hands showed good support for these. Registration for Eifel event opens on 8thOctober. Other events will be publicized as usual on the chat.

BCC Sportive Yr2 +/- assistance from Digby Etape? How to “break even”. Steve reckons that we can run event better and for less this year. Positive comments from club seem to suggest this will happen – just need to decide date. Spreading the word to other clubs and strengthening links should be an aim along with getting lots of families out. Perhaps talk to Butleigh about theirs?

Change route slightly to avoid Gasper and poor roads.

Suggestions for other events/activities.

Summer pub ride should be included next year.

Coast to coast again?

Lunch ride with partners (not necessarily riding but joining us there)

Christmas Social – Pete to host (decided in his absence 😊)

AOB   On the Brook. Thanks to Sophie for her hospitality this summer. Wet winter might mean a return to The Chapel. Simon mentioned a new place opposite the library which we can check out when it is opened. Meeting finished 9:40pm