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For the people. For the road.

My Cycling Weekend, by Mr C

My Cycling Weekend, by Mr C

I'm eating an orange, it's January. Six hours ago, I was riding

past a white chalk horse en-route to standing stones and a

cheese and onion pastie. I do this a lot. There isn't always

a white chalk horse, or standing stones, or cheese and onion

pasties....but there are always other people to ride with.

I cycled 112 miles.

Yesterday I sat in the coffee shop, because that's a good thing

to do. Then I rode filthy lanes, punctured and sat in an old chapel

with people and ate dahl.

I cycled 35 miles.

Sometimes I ride alone. I ride to work alone, and sometimes at

the weekend too.....but mostly I ride with other people.


For the people. For the road.


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